Get $50,000 worth of Gym Equipment in One Compact Solution

Experience the full array of gym equipment a commercial gym offers. Integrating barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, ski machines, smith machines, rowers, storage racks, chains, benches, multi-station gym, sound system and many more in one compact fully integrated smart machine.

PS: It's designed to fit in small spaces like a HDB or Condo

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It's unbelievable how much time you save

No more commuting to and from the gym. No more waiting on other people or cleaning the equipment before using each machine. For those who value your time, this is for you.

Truly Immersive Gym Experience

Get the power of a full gym in one highly versatile device. With over 500+ exercises for you to choose from, there is no part of the body that can't be worked on at home. Bench press, Barbell curls, Leg extensions, Dead lifts and many more available.

200+ Guided Training Sessions to Choose From

Want a tailored workout program without the hassle of hiring a personal trainer? We have over 200+ integrated training programs to choose from. It pre-sets your reps, sets and weight. Just choose a workout program on the interactive touch screen and it generates an easy to follow workout for you. The on-screen trainer does the workout with you so you can just easily follow along.

Making consistency easy

Let's face it, life happens and our health takes a backseat. Whether it's unexpected work or needing to look after our children, who has time to go to the gym? Don't compromise on your health and fitness. Get the workout you need in your own home. Have a 15 minute free window? Smash out a quick workout on our 15 minute lunch-break workout program.

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Keep Track of Your Gains

Had a break from the gym and forgot what weight you were at or what exercise you did? Don't worry, the machine remembers and your last set weight on each specific exercise so you don't have to. This is personalised fitness equipment at its best.

Muscle Heat Map

Your Muscles are highlighted on the muscle map based on how hard you have worked on each muscle. Now you can easily see which muscles need more working on.

Let us do all the counting

The Smart Home Gym counts down your reps, rest time between sets, number of sets, calories burned and workout time for you. Focus on your workout and let the machine do all the counting for you

Cheaper than a Gym Membership

Taking an average gym membership of $193.97p/m, the Smart Home Gym is equivalent to 2 years of gym membership for one person. With up to 5 profiles available on one machine, if there are five people in your household that equivalent to 5 months gym membership.

Built to Fit Small Spaces

Building a full home gym is not practical or feasible for most people because of the space. The Smart Home Gym will only take up the space of a sofa chair and will fit in any small space. It can also fold up and with in-built wheels, can be rolled away easily for storage.

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Shape Tomorrow, Sculp Today!

Witness Raji's Incredible Transformation with Gym Monster

Through daily workouts and a nutrient-dense diet, Raji is breaking free from the sedentary 9-to-5 grind.

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Common Questions

What is the warranty?

We offer a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Please see our Warranty policy for further details

Can I try it out before buying it?

Yes! We are located at Queensway Shopping Centre #02-41K. Come and try before you buy. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Follow us for updates on our instagram page @Speediancesg

Will you deliver it to my place?

Yes our product will be shipped right to you and free delivery is included. Let us do all the heavy lifting of getting it into your home so you can get started on your own heavy lifting. See more details in our FAQ section

What are the advantages of having a home gym?

With our Smart Home Gym, a wide range of training options are available all day everyday. You don't have to worry about other details like getting changed or travelling to the gym or even checking if the gym is open a public holiday. No more clicking or twisting knobs on adjustable dumbbells just push and scroll and the weight adjusts automatically. This is the strength training of the future

What exercises can I do on the Speediance Smart Home Gym?

Barbell exercises, dumbbell exercises, Triceps rope exercises and more. Our technology allows for concentric resistance, eccentric resistance, isometric resistance and cardio workout. Essentially any machine you find in the gym you can do almost everything on the Speediance Smart Home Gym. Use it in as many ways as you can think off and create and customize workouts for your own profile. There are a wide range of up to 500+ movements available to give you a great experience working out parts of your body that you usually have 0 interest working out.

Can the Speediance Smart Home Gym replace the power rack or a functional trainer?

The Speediance Smart Home Gym Emulates the resistance given by those machines by generating up to 100kg of resistance which is more than enough for most people. Both the power rack and the functional trainer take up huge footprints in your space which may not be feasible for most people at home. Even the adjustable dumbbells for strength training can be totally replaced with our Technology.